Friday, November 30, 2012

Dieting without Dieting ? Sure You Can ! ...2nd aricle for the series.

This is my second article for this category; the first one was on “why we crave rich foods”. Once we understand why we crave food, it is much easier to realize why conventional or modern dieting doesn’t work for everyone. Conventional approaches rely on external controls such as counting calories, excluding carbs, avoiding sweets, having special diets; we can go on and on. All these work for short time but at the end we give up and return to our old self because of our evolutionary make up and inherent reasons dictated by our own physiology. Focusing on external methods of controlling calories requires lot of self-discipline and sacrifice.  For some it works but majority of us end up in vicious cycle of trying, succeeding for some time, crashing, feeling bad about ourselves, giving up or starting over again.

It is very simple and easy to bring permanent change but in no way instant gratification. All one need to do is

·        Enjoy everything you like:  Don’t devoid yourself of your favorite foods rather enjoy them; don’t be in a hurry to consume it.  Have you honestly analyzed what you eat while you are eating, how taste changes while you eat, can you feel symphony of every component of what you are eating and how it is so different than individual component?  Simply, can you honestly focus on food while eating to get all what it has to offer?  We all have heard about gourmet food but I want you to be “gourmet eater” and that means practicing “mindful eating”.  It is not as simple as it sounds but it easy enough that everyone can practice.  It is not simple because we are always mentally multitasking (really?) our attention is most of the time divided. Very first step of successful end result is never to eat in a hurry, that is take your time, second step is to love what you eat and last step is to stop when you are little bit less than full, give yourself an hour and if you are still hungry then eat again same way.

Eating is as important as sleep or any other essential life function and it deserves full attention. If you are short of time then wait to eat till you can find that time.  You can always find this time no matter how short time you have in your daily routine.  It is an attitude that we all can have. Never eat unless you really feel like eating. Give yourself few months and see for yourself how your attitude towards food is changed and how you are getting healthier. Without even realizing you will make an everlasting change in your life style.
This approach has a very scientific basis and it works.  Personally I had gained more than 50 pounds over my healthy weight at one time. It took me few months to practice this approach and ever since then I have never gained that weight.  For over 20 years my weight never fluctuated more than few pounds. In next article I will be writing on the scientific reasoning why this approach works.  Please visit us at

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