Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mediterranean Chicken Sausage

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Mediterranean Chicken Sausage or Sausage Patties with Salad

Mediterranean Chicken Sausage or Sausage Patties: I have blended a wonderful spice mix to create Mediterranean Chicken Sausage or sausage pattie. This blend works very well all fowl meats for example it can be used to Turkey, Duck, sausage or sausage patties. This unique blend consists of Californian sage, rosemary, garlic, Tellichery black pepper corns, kosher salt and all natural soy and milk protein based meat binder.

These instructions are written for 5 Lbs. (2.27) sausage mix preparation. You will need meat grinder or food processor, sausage stuffer (not needed if you are making patties) refrigerator, sausage casing (not needed if making patties), 3.4 lbs. (1.54 Kg) boneless skinless chicken thighs or breast meat, 0.75 lbs. (0.34 Kg) feta cheese, 0.75 lbs. (0.34 Kg) beef fat (ask butcher shop to save it for you, if you cant get it, add 1 lbs or ~450 gm of feta cheese). Finally you will also need one pack Harryz Mediterranean Chicken Sausage Spice Mix.
Cut meat and fat in uniform size that can be taken by your grinder or food processor and place it in a mixing bowl.
• Cover and chill it in refrigerator for few hours.
• Mix 1 pack of spice mix by hand tossing meat with spices (wash hand before), and let it season in fridge for few hours (this will season and chill the meat and fat).
• Hand toss pre-chilled crumbled feta cheese and medium grind in meat grinder, or food processor. If you are using meat grinding and sausage making equipment then load it with washed Hog or sheep casing and start filling sausage. If not then grind meat and chill again for ½ hrs. or so. This can be filled in hog or sheep casing or made in to patties. Sausages can be air dried before refrigeration. Patties can be stacked between wax sheets for refrigeration. If desired freeze them first before vacuum sealing for longer term storage.
• These can be grilled or pan sautéed or oven baked to attain at least 170 F (~ 77C) internal temperature.
• Enjoy on fresh salad with fruity dressing, as such, with nice chilled white wine, or make pizza with it.  You will find many uses of this sausage to surprise yourself and dazzle your guests.

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